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Ipoh - The Malay Story


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Malay Mining History
Root History
Visible Facts


One of the bigget temple that built recently amidst of limestone hills in Tambun. Is there any approval for these structures by the related authorities?


Most of Ipoh Malay are very skeptical with the KL bound speed train that due to run on the track by this July. The main reason in the fare price.


Intercity train service must be rejuvenate to promote rail travelling in Ipoh. Promotional package i.e. food and tour may lift up the popularity of train service again.


Medan Gopeng Bus Terminal considered as the lousiest bust hub in Malaysia for a state capital city. What was the role played by the state government regarding this?


Perak will become a knowledge hub state by 2010? Sounds nice on paper and yet the negligence of developed mindset culture will give the result in 2 years time.


Tamil Muslim Mosque in Jalan SP Seenivasagam are frequented oftenly by the Malays even they have no idea what was about the Friday sermons


Menglembu is the grand fort of DAP in Kinta Valley. It such a disaster for BN candidates to contest in this State Assembly seat. Less Malays are willing to reside in this territory.


The completion of Hulu Kinta Dam gave a little clear water for the flow of Kinta River in the middle of the city.  But its no more public. Kinta River waterfront are now turns private.


Federal Building is now a white elephant structure as it was left vacant without tenant. It is weird that few federal agency are reluctant to occupy the building.